My name is Neal Sutton and I have spent a lifetime in the

spiritual field having had my first spiritual experience as a

small boy.   Now at the tenderage of - over 60, I have spent

a lifetime in spiritual work. I have spoken with spirit, been

inspired and educated by them and worked with them. 

The word spiritual is a much misused one and is affiliated to 'spiritual churches'and the like.  Many words affectively describe what I term as spiritual and they are ghosts, non-corporeal, sky brothers & sisters, etheral, non material, Higher evolved beings and more. Linked to that are spirit rescues. astral travel and more but the most common occurance caught on camera and seen in real time - is orbs.


I have written two books on Spirituality and the rise & lies of the christian religion. Until the 'pandemic' I ran a Life Awareness Centre in Beccles, Suffolk.It was a monthly meet of like-minded people who are empathic and caring with talks on a variety of life topics.   I have embarked on Spirit Rescue on several occasions but I feel that unlike the USA, people in this country (UK) are more inclined to offer Ghostly overnight stays and Ghost Walks!  Only when the entity is really negative do I get a call!  Then it is just a question of letting the entity return to spirit via collection by Higher Evolved Beings. Angels are an invention of religion. 


Exorcisms are dangerous and serve no purpose!  It is impossible for two spirits to inhabit the same body.  The negative entity takes control of the mind and is always nearby exerting its influence. The Catholic Church is responsible for this particular circus.

There is no hell or devil or demons, they are an invention of religion in order to induce fear and subservience. Many od the so-called sins of the Christian religion are false - much like the stupidity of tecahing people that they carry the sins of the fathers - absolute rubbish.

I am really fortunate and honoured to have seen one of our Sky Brothers, what you would call an alien.  He stood tall at a little over 6 feet and he absolutely oozed positivity and kindness, such was the level of his evolvement.  I have watched as craft slowly juxtapositioned in the fading light of day and have seen a craft hover above my moving car late one night many years ago.


For several years I have also offered talks for clubs and groups on all things spiritual, like the Life Awareness Centre, they are unfortunately, now a thing of the past.   

In all of my life I have told folks over and over not to fear death or anything that religion tries to make you believe through fear, sin and guilt.  Religion is a control mechanism, it is full of lies and the current bible contains over 17,000 spurious additioons.  Ditch religion, free the spirit within, live life, love and be kind.  Religion is an abomination.  


The Spiritual Truth is amazing.  Spirituality is all about love, compassion and kindness in all things, to all creatures and all of nature.  The Hippies and Native Americans lived this love and were true Free Spirits.

Live life in love, kindness, compassion and empathy zand you shouldn't go far wrong!