Being a Spiritual Celebrant

Being a Spiritual Celebrant is a great privilege as I am allowed to officiate at Handfastings and farewells that are not religious in any way, concentrating on love and togetherness.

For Spiritual Farewells (what the church calls funerals) I would typically meet with the family of whoever has passed back to spirit to put together a celebration of their life and of family and friends.  I always remind those present that the farewell is but temporary and that we WILL see them again.  The farewell service is sprinkled in humour and saturated with the love of those left behind. 

Handfastings are performed as as a bonding of two people in love and the celebration is centuries old in origin.  These are normally nature inspired and are often performed outside with everyone in attendance including the family dog!  The marriage service itself is normally performed at a registry office either the day before or on that morning in order to make the joining legal.  Once again the whole event is a wonderfully happy affair with the age old ceremony of binding the hands with ribbons and even on some occasions the happy couple also  'Jump The Broomstick'.  Contact me to discuss your requirements


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